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Why You Should Use Spray Foam Insulation

Insulation is something that every home should have. Whether it be in a hot area like Arizona or in colder areas, it helps manage your home’s temperature. It even helps keep your heating or cooling bills down. One of these options that you have for insulation is spray foam insulation. But why exactly should you be using this type of insulation?

Spray Foam Insulation and Your Home

Using spray foam insulation in your home is a great way to keep your electric bill down like many other types of insulation. But did you know it comes with several other advantages that other types of insulation don’t have?

Great For Homes of All Shapes and Sizes

The great thing about spray foam insulation, is that it starts out as a foam. This means that it conforms to the shape of your roof. You won’t need to get a custom made insulation that fits perfectly. You simply need to spray it on the bottom of your roof and it will harden to create an effective insulation.

Keeps Noise To a Minimum

If you’ve ever lived in a home without an insulation, you’ll know first hand how noisy some roofs can be. With spray foam insulation, you create a solid padding under your roof that absorbs the noise created by rain or other objects hitting the roof.

Keeps Mold at Bay

Mold is one of the biggest problems when it comes to attics. The mold will slowly eat away at the wood in the attic and create problems for not only your roof but also the rest of your home. With spray foam insulation, you’re guaranteed to have less mold growing in your attic. This is because mold needs a specific environment to grow. it keeps liquid out of your attic in more ways than one as not only does it act as a sealant, but it is also very waterproof.

Doubles as a Sealant

Remember how it conforms to the shape of your roof? The fact that it is sprayed on to a surface before hardening makes it very good for sealing holes or leaks. The insulation creates a watertight seal around these holes and you can expect to see fewer puddles in your home. 

It also makes sure that pests like rats, ants and termites won’t find an entryway through your roof into your home. Pollen and other allergens are also kept out thanks to its sealing abilities.

Triples as Extra Support For Your Home

Spray foam insulation is a very strong and can easily help your home. But it doesn’t just regulate the temperature of your home. It can also keep your roof strong and sturdy because of how it creates a second layer of protection. Think of it as not only your home’s insulation but also a type of liquid cement. It makes sure to cover up and seal cracks and holes that are weakening your roof. This keeps these cracks and holes from getting worse over time.

Spray foam insulation is a great tool for any homeowner when it comes to regulating their home’s temperature. It also provides it with extra stability and sturdiness that many other types of insulation cannot offer. However, it still needs to be applied properly to be able to work at peak performance. Contact us today to get a professionally applied spray foam insulation!