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A Guide on Rain Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Rain gutters serve as our roof’s drainage system. Its primary purpose is to provide a route for rainwater away from the roof and the house. These rain gutters are useful in preventing damage to the whole house.

Clogged gutters will bring potential harm not just to your roof but to your house as well.

Suspended waters can cause woods to rot and necessary repairs would cost a lot. Continue reading

5 Tips on Removing Mold from Your Roof

Finding molds on your roof or under the shingles can be quite alarming. The best way to respond to this is to get a thorough mold inspection in the attic to determine fully the condition of your roof.

Molds are not harmful to the roof but it will definitely make the roof look bad. Typically, a moldy roof consists of algae, moss and mold. Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons Why Your New Roof Could Fail

Homeowners hire a roofing contractor hoping that their new roof could last decades or even a lifetime. However, there could be a possibility that having a new roof would actually give you more trouble. It’s best to have this thought before proceeding to have
a new roof installed. Continue reading

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Asphalt Roofing vs Metal Roofing

When it is about time to have your roof replaced, calling the best roofing contractor saves you a lot of trouble. You don’t have to do anything. You just have […]

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Roofing Glossary

A roofing project for your home coming up? When talking to your roofer, it is best if you get yourself familiar with the most common roofing terms. Getting to know […]

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Why Spray Foam Insulation?

When choosing the insulation for a building, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) can be an excellent choice. It increases energy efficiency while doing its job of adding a protective layer to […]

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How Important is Roof Insulation?

Energy costs can take a big chunk from your budget. In order to avoid energy losses and save money, we aim to have our property as energy-efficient as possible. Its […]

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How to Save Your Roof from Bad Weather

Your roof is your first line of defense from all the harsh weather outside. The roof should be the first one to be checked after a severe storm. How does […]


Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Often times, we forget to care for our roofs until water is literally pouring through our ceilings. So, how do we really know if we need to call in the […]