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How to Know If Your Home Needs Re- roofing

When your roof is already failing, you can either have a re-roof or a full roof replacement. In re-roofing, brand new shingles are laid over the existing ones. A full roof replacement, on the other hand, involves tearing off the entire roof down to the sheathing and installing a completely new roofing. Continue reading

Upgrades for Your Residential Roofing System

Roofs usually last for twenty years or more. No matter how you look at it, twenty years is still a long time. In this span of time there can be countless ways to improve or upgrade your roof. Roofing materials along with roofing installation techniques change rapidly over the course of time giving your roof a lot of options for improvement. Continue reading

Residential Roofing: Why Choose Metal Roofing

Buying a new roof for your home can be a huge investment. Before you decide on which type of roofing suits your property the best, you will have to go through each type and the pros and cons of using it.

Residential metal roofing is one of the most popular choice because of a number of reasons. A metal roof is made from metal pieces or tiles known for its high resistance, impermeability and longevity. These roofs are commonly composed of zinc, copper and steel alloys. Continue reading

Smart Ways to Save Money in Getting a New Roof

In around 2 decades of protecting your home from all kinds of weather, animals and debris, your roof eventually has to be replaced.

Most roofing comes with a warranty but as it expires, you will have to decide to replace your roof. While it is highly recommended, the cost of replacing roof can go above your roof. If you want your roof to be well-built and longer lasting, you will have to shell out a huge amount of money. Continue reading

The Dangers of a Leaking Roof to Watch Out For

When dealing with your roof, water can be the root of many problems. It is highly important to see to it that you are always on the lookout whenever there are signs of a leaking roof before things even get worse.

A leaking roof may not seem dangerous but as you continue reading you’ll discover how it can ruin your home and put you and your family in serious jeopardy. Continue reading