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DIY Roofing Problems You Will Face

diy roofing, DIY Roofing Problems You Will Face

DIY projects are great when you’re trying to save money… Or is it? Despite looking like a great way to save a quick buck, you’ll be facing more DIY roofing problems than it’s worth. 

The DIY Roofing Problems That Catch People Off Guard

The main draw for most people when doing DIY roofing is that they think it is cheaper and easier than simply hiring someone to do it for them. What they don’t realize is that it can be more costly and expensive for you in the long run. Not only do you have to face the logistics of how to do a roofing project without expert help, but you also have to do the roofing project yourself. This brings up several problems that we’re going to be discussing.

Lack Of Experience

Experience and knowledge is an important part of doing something correctly. DIY roofers won’t have as much experience as someone who has been in the business for decades. The results will speak for itself as most DIY work is shoddy and won’t last nearly as long as work done by a pro.

Cutting Corners

You’re trying to save as much money as possible and we get that. However, many DIY roofers cut too many corners. DIY projects tend to be one time projects that you won’t revisit several years down the line so they choose the cheapest tools and materials they can find. There’s the right way to cut corners and there’s the wrong way. 

Choosing the cheapest and subpar materials isn’t the way to go. These materials will degrade and crumble faster than the more standard and effective materials that a professional will opt for. Someone with years of experience will know exactly which materials and tools will give you the best value.

Safety Problems

Safety concerns are always something that should be thought of when trying to do any project. Roofing projects especially need proper preparation as any mishap several floors up can lead to major accidents. Once again, the one time nature of DIY projects comes here as most DIY roofers will skimp out on harnesses and other safety tools specifically made for a roofing job.

Besides the right tools for the job, licensed professionals have the permits to actually do the job. They also have specific insurance made to accommodate roofing accidents and materials.

Voided Warranties

Your money and safety isn’t the only thing you should be worried about when dealing with a DIY roofing project. You should also be worried about the warranty that your materials have on them. There’s a fine print on these materials’ warranties. Many materials only provide their warranty to qualified roofing professionals. 

Future Roof Problems Thanks to Bad DIY Roofing Practices

Remember that the quality of work you do will reflect on how long and how durable your fix will be in the long run. With the lack of experience, knowledge and material knowledge, you can expect that your roof’s fix won’t be as good as what a team of professional roofers can do. 

Should I Still Do DIY Roofing Projects?

That is for you to decide. If you’re confident that you can tackle these various DIY roofing problems then go on ahead and take on the challenge. However, if you’re uncertain of the quality of the work you’ll be doing feel free to call a professional to save you time and money.