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Easy Steps to Fix a Leaking Roof

One of the major problems in maintaining a property is a leaking roof. This must be addressed as soon as possible as these leaks in the roof may cause molds, rotted framing and sheathing, damaged insulation and ceilings. Fixing a leak is easier and less costly than repairing the potential damage it can cause.

Leaks can be troublesome but when properly handled, it is possible to fix them in no time. Here are some few steps to follow to have a leak-free roof.

Search for the roof leaks.

The first and most obvious step in fixing a leaking roof is to track where the source of leak is. Usually, items that are projected into the roof cause the leaks. These items include chimneys, vents and pipes. It is best to climb up the attic or the roof to inspect firsthand for water stains or molds.

Water marks, stains and discoloration on the wood made by the moisture may be visible during dry weather.

Perform a water test to find the cause of the leak.

There are instances where the cause of the leak cannot be found just by visually inspecting it. A good way to locate the source of the leak is by performing a water test. In order to do this, one person will climb upstairs with a garden hose to flood the roof section by section until the other person inside the house can pinpoint the exact area where the leak is coming from.

Inspect and fix the part of the roof where the leak is coming in.

After successfully locating the source of the leak, check the area for any damages. Fixing these damages will stop water from coming in. If the roof is made of shingles, look for bent or missing shingles. Leaks also commonly occur where surfaces connect such as chimney or vent pipes. Look for damages to the caulking. These may be removed and reapplied.

Call in a professional roofing contractor for more complex leaking.

When the damage on the roof is so severe that its parts should be replaced, large-scale repairs will be necessary.  In this case, hiring a professional roofing service provider can be the best option to avoid further damages and more expenses.