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Asphalt Roofing vs Metal Roofing

July 13, 2018


When it is about time to have your roof replaced, calling the best roofing contractor saves you a lot of trouble. You don’t have to do anything. You just have to share with them your ideas and preferences for your roof.

Should you choose an asphalt roof or a metal roof?

To help you decide, we have here a straight comparison between the two. But before anything else, you need to identify first which aspect you value the most in a roof for you to decide later on which type of roofing to pick.


Materials and Construction

  • Metal roofs are made of steel and installed differently from an asphalt roof
  • Installing it requires specific complex techniques, experienced workers and more tools and parts
  • These roofs are made up of lightweight material making it easier for the installers to transport up on the roof Furthermore, if your property has weak foundation, these roofs won’t add much to the weight to be supported
  • Metal roofing is usually fireproof making it the ideal roofing for areas prone to wildfires
  • Compared to other materials, metal is stronger and more durable. This type of roofing has greater weathering performance than any other roofing materials
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • Metal roofing is energy-efficient, significantly cutting down energy costs


It has a high initial cost but a lower long-term cost.

Other Benefits

Its lifespan extends up to 50 years.


Materials and Construction

  • Asphalt shingles require less time and effort to install or replace. Shingles are pre-packaged and are ready to be nailed on the roof.
  • Roofers may easily walk on these roofs.
  • They work well on a steep-sloped structure.
  • These are versatile and can adapt easily on varied applications.


Installing asphalt roofing has relatively lower initial costs. This makes it highly appealing to homeowners. However the long-term cost can be rather expensive.

Other Benefits

Contractors and manufacturers offer a number of warranties. Shingle warranties cover issues like algae growth, maximum wind-resistance limit, material defect, contractor error and manufacturer error.

Now that you have the necessary details between the two are you sticking with asphalt roof or switching to metal roofs? Or is it the other way around? Let us know if you are having problems with choosing the best roof for your property.

Roof Types and Materials

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