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Commercial Metal Roofing

Keeping your business cool with a long-lasting, environmentally friendly roofing option

Lightweight | Durable | Efficient

Maintaining a commercial building can be challenging. You want to cut costs without jeopardizing efficiency.

Diversified Roofing offers a variety of metal roofing options that save energy, last long, and require minimal maintenance.

Advantages of Commercial Metal Roofing

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Keeps Cool

Metal roofing can reflect the harmful rays of the sun with ease. This keeps your building cool so you don’t have to pay as much when your cooling bill comes.

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Metal roofing is one of the most long-lived materials on the market. It has been known to last as long as 70 years when proper maintenance is conducted.

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Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing can be recycled and reused in another metal roof or some other metal work. With metal roofing, you are helping the environment as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal roofs last on average from 40 to 70 years. Their durability is one of the greatest assets of choosing metal roofing. They’re also low maintenance systems, look great, and are recyclable.

Metal roofs can come in a variety of metals, which affects the cost, but standing seam metal roofing costs on average between $12 and $20 per square foot. Metal roofs tend to cost a little more than shingles or a spray foam system on installation, but their durability and low maintenance can make up for that cost in the long run.

The first disadvantage is that a metal roof will cost more than most other commercial roofing systems up front. The second disadvantage, at least to some people, is that metal roofing can be noisy during hard rains and storms. Metal roofs are also slicker than other systems so avoid walking on metal roofs if there is any moisture. In areas where snow accumulates, snow can slip off metal roofs in an avalanche effect and sometimes damage shrubbery, cars, or people if they are beneath it.

Easy maintenance is one of the best benefits of a metal roof. It’s a good idea, though, to perform a roof inspection once a year to check for any damage. Also be sure no objects are touching the roof, like tree limbs, and remove any debris on the roof itself. Clean out gutters regularly to avoid water damage. With a little maintenance, your metal commercial roof will last as long as the life of the building itself.

Yes. The best metal roofing system for solar panel installation is the standing seam metal roof. This system already has standing vertical edges where the panels can be attached without penetrating the metal roof. Other metal roofs can hold solar panels, but if the panels are screwed through the roofing system, it could weaken the roof at those points and allow leaks. Keep this in mind when you consult solar panel roofing professionals. Diversified Roofing does not install solar roofing panels.

Commercial metal roofs actually handle heat and sunlight well. The metal reflects most of the sun’s radiation and only absorbs a small portion of the heat. This means metal roofs actually assist in keeping your building cooler. Metal roofs can expand in extreme heat, but the roofing panels are attached to account for this. Most problems may occur when temperatures are very high during the day and fall considerably at night, causing the roof to expand and contract quickly. Regular inspections can catch any wear around the seams in your roof and prevent leaks before they occur.

Simply contact us either through diversifiedroofing.com or by calling 602-870-8322 for Phoenix residents or 713-434-7663 for Houston residents. We will send a roofing professional to your building for a quick inspection, discuss your needs, and provide you with an estimate for your restoration project.

The reality is that a metal roof in good condition should last a long time when inspected regularly. Still, metal roofs don’t last forever and your roof can incur damage through extreme weather. If your roof has dents and scratches in it from weather damage or even from walking on the roof, it should be inspected immediately to evaluate whether it needs to be replaced. If tree limbs fall on the roof or strong winds damage the panels, this could be another reason to replace the roof. Finally, if the fasteners used to attach some metal roofing systems are showing signs of wear, you might need a new system, or at least some maintenance.

Contact Diversified Roofing if you have questions about the condition of your commercial metal roof. We’re happy to talk about your concerns and schedule a complimentary roof replacement estimate.

Commercial Metal Roofs in Arizona & Texas

Replacing a roof can be a huge investment, and it’s important to make sure you choose the right type of roofing to get the most out of your money.

A lot goes into choosing the right roofing material. Not only do you have to think about the climate where you live, but you also need to consider how long you want your roof to last, how easy it is to maintain, and how environmentally friendly it is.

Diversified Roofing offers a wide variety of metal roofing options that are perfect for any commercial building. Our roofs are lightweight and easy to install, making them a great choice for businesses that are expanding or relocating. Plus, our metal roofs are excellent in hot weather and can help keep your building cooler in the summer months.

Contact us today for a free consultation on installing a new commercial metal roof!

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