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Commercial Roof Restoration and Coatings

A cost-effective way to extend the life of your commercial roof

Cost Efficient | Low Maintenance | Extends Roof Life

Many people assume that the only solution for a problematic roof is roof replacement. However, replacing a commercial roof costs thousands of dollars.

Roof restoration and coating not only saves you money, but it extends the life of your commercial roof by 5 to 10 years.

Advantages of Commercial Roof Restoration and Coatings

Lowers energy bills

Lowers Energy Bills

This coating is highly reflective, increasing solar reflectivity and reducing interior coating costs and energy bills.

Improves safety

Improves Safety

Roof restoration upgrades the fire rating of your commercial roof and provides an all-around safer environment for your employees.

Provides tax benefits

Provides Tax Benefits

Restorations give tax advantages because of how they are financed. You can also receive credits and rebates for making your building more energy-efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal roofs are not restored very often because of their extremely long lifespans. Sometimes a metal roof may be in need of maintenance and repair, which could cost up to $2,500. If your commercial metal roof is in need of maintenance or repair, contact us for an inspection and a complimentary roof replacement estimate.

Although there are many factors that determine the life of a commercial roof, the first is the type of material used. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofs can last up to 50 years with regular re-coatings (approximately every 10 years). Single ply systems like TPO and EPDM generally don’t last as long, but they do not require restoration or recoatings for the length of the warranty. TPO systems and EPDM roofs last an average of 20 years. Commercial clay or concrete roofing systems can last up to 50 years, and commercial metal roofs can last for up to 70 years.

Silicone roof coating is used on flat roofs, and mostly on commercial roofs, although it is growing in popularity among residential flat roofs. The silicone is applied in a single liquid coating and is often used to restore BUR, TPO, EPDM, and SPF roofing systems. The white coating reflects sunlight and helps lower energy costs in hot months. Silicone coating also provides great water resistance from heavy rain and constant moisture. Adding a silicone roof coating can extend the life of your commercial roof by 10 years.

Single ply systems like TPO and EPDM are very popular due to their ease of installation, low cost, and easy maintenance. Diversified Roofing installs singly ply commercial roofing systems as well as a wide variety of other options. We can help you make the right choice for your commercial roofing system. Contact us for a complimentary roof replacement estimate.

Sunlight is the biggest contributor to roof damage. Over time, UV rays will dry out roofing materials and make them brittle. A roof restoration or coating allows older roofs to receive new materials without the cost of a full replacement, and it gives the restored roof greater resistance to UV damage. While you can’t completely escape the heat caused by Texas and Arizona summers, restoring your roof gives the material the extra protection it needs to hold up well under the sun.

Simply contact us either through diversifiedroofing.com or by calling 602-755-6535 for Phoenix residents or 713-766-1162 for Houston residents. We will send a roofing professional to your home for a quick inspection, discuss your needs, and provide you with an estimate for your restoration project.

If you choose the right roofing materials, your commercial roofing system can actually reduce your energy bills. SPF roofing and clay or concrete tiles are energy efficient. Metal roofs and TPO systems reflect the sun, which helps keep your building cool. Talk to us today about the best commercial roofing system to keep your building cool and reduce your energy bills.

Commercial Roof Restoration and Coatings in Arizona & Texas

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building – it keeps you safe and dry.

But what do you do when it starts to wear down? You could spend thousands of dollars and have it redone. Or, you could call the professionals at Diversified Roofing. We’ve been in the business for years and know how to restore your commercial roof the right way, saving your money and extending the life of your commercial roof.

Not only will we extend the life of your commercial roof by 5 to 10 years, but we’ll also coat it with a highly reflective material that will keep your interior cooler in summer and reduce your energy bills.

Plus, our restoration will increase the fire rating of your building – making it safer for employees and customers alike. And did we mention that all of this comes with tax advantages?

Contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll take a look at your roof and let you know what our team can do to restore it back to its original condition.

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