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Assessing Shingles on Your Roof

May 9, 2017

A good roof is able to shield you from outside elements and also effects of bad weather. If serves as your home’s or buildings protective covering. That is why diligent care and maintenance is essential.

Depending on the type of shingles installed, it should be able to last a good twenty years or more. Due to many external factors, it can affect the life expectancy of shingles. Predisposing causes of deterioration would be adverse weather conditions, improper installation and also inadequate attic ventilation.

Inspect Your Roof

Using a good set of binoculars or maybe a decent digital camera with high-optical zoom, you are able to perform an outdoor roof inspection. You should look for any signs of curling, splits, cracks, missing shingles, excessive granular loss or areas with organic growth.

Look at the Attic

Through the attic, you should be able to perform a nice examination from the inside. Better check for any signs of damage like significant discolouring on the underside of the roof sheathing, areas that appear to be wet or sagging wood framing. When excess humidity is build up in the attic, moulds can grow which can hasten the deterioration of the sheathing and affect the indoor air quality negatively.

For any signs of possible deficiencies, contact a reliable roofing company for a more detailed examination of the needs of your roofing system.  Sometimes minor repairs are done but there are also instances where replacement of the whole roof is necessary.

Roof replacement can be costly but by making use of homeowner’s insurance or taxes, it might even save you a few dollars. For example, adding upgraded underlayment referred to as “peel and stick” could possible save you money with homeowner’s insurance. Other than financial savings, this can also act as a secondary moisture barrier that can help protect wood below the shingles. Also, high end and highly reflective shingles offer a “cool” roofing system that can help reduce temperatures in the attic, allowing a cooler home in the summer slashing utility expenses.

Roof Types and Materials

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