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Benefits of Commercial Roofing Restoration

April 2, 2019

Truth be told, a lot of people assume that the only solution for a problematic roof is roof replacement. And because of misinformation, most building owners and property managers spend thousands of dollars to have their commercial roof system re-roof without knowing that there are restoration options for it that costs only a third of re-roofing costs. And if cost savings is not enough reason to convince you to opt for restoration instead, here are other restoration factors that can benefit you in so many ways.

Commercial Roof Lifespan Extension

Roof restorations, if done timely, can help with maintaining your commercial roof system. This can considerably make your roofing system last longer. However, restorations are also done when a roof system is nearing the end of its lifespan. This, in a way, can extend the life of your roof, adding 5 to 10 more years to it.

Cool Roof System

Roof restoration includes coating your roof system with a solution that is compatible with your roofing materials. There are even solutions that you can opt for during the process. One of them is the cool roof solution. This coating is highly reflective, increasing solar reflectivity and reducing interior coating costs. Not to mention, it can considerably lower energy bills and costs.

Safety Benefits

In a lot of commercial roofing systems, restoration can upgrade your fire rating to Class A. Furthermore, there is a high possibility that you can lower costs for your insurance. In a way, you’re not only providing a safe environment for your workers and employees but also benefiting from it as well through higher ratings and cost savings.

Tax Benefits

Restorations are often financed through maintenance instead of capital budgets, which gives it a tax advantage. Because it is a maintenance expense, there is a high chance that you can immediately expense your cost after roof restoration. Moreover, there are other tax advantages in the form of tax credits and rebates available for energy-efficient upgrades and improvements done in your commercial building.

Roofing Tips and Maintenance

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