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Concrete Roof Tiles: Stylish and Durable

July 5, 2017

Beauty and Endurance

Concrete roof tiles will give you just that in an economical way. A number of old homes that were built a century ago making use of a mixture of cement, sand, water and pigment has proven their durability by withstanding the test of time.

Concrete roof tiles are masters of disguise because they can be made available in various colors and molded into a multitude of shapes at a cost less than slate, shake or clay.

Although they are less expensive than clay or slate, they can be a little bit more difficult and also time-consuming to install than shingle, or asphalt roofs.

With a range of options available, this type of material can be created to simulate barrelled clay roofs, flat slate roofs and everything else in between. With almost integral-dyed color you can think about, concrete roof tiles can be created to complement the architectural palate of your home perfectly.

Lightweight Concrete Tile

There is also the availability of lightweight concrete tile. However, this lighter version can be less durable than its basic counterpart. In such case that a home was not structurally designed to bear too much weight from typical concrete roof tile, lightweight concrete tile can be the better substitute for asphalt or wood shingles.

There is also the availability of rounded and semicylindrical tiles that are hand-formed in clay which can fit perfectly to Mediterranean, Spanish and Tuscan home styles.

If you are not into rounded tiles, maybe flat tiles would be more your style which is fitting for English and French home styles. With additional touches of moulded bevels, scallops and finish textures, flat tiles can replicate certain historical shapes that would best suit the design of your home.

Having a long life, being fireproof, rot-resistant with numerous styles and color options to choose from at a cheaper price, concrete rooks can be tough to beat. You will surely save a few dollars compared to clay and slate, and also have a longer life and greater fire resistance than wood roof materials.

Roof Types and Materials

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