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Different Types of Metal Roofing Materials

March 2, 2017

In certain areas in the country, there can be quite a number of houses with metal roofs. Despite the rising popularity, some might wonder if a metal roof is something worth considering. When you do decide to buy a house with a metal roof, it would be wise to look for signs as to the condition of your prospective home’s “top”.

Metal roof materials vary and they are not just mere tins. Here are a few materials that you will most likely encounter along with their highs and lows.


This would certainly be the longest-lasting of all roofing materials that can literally last more than a hundred years. However, it is not quite commonly used for roofing because not only is it expensive, but it is also hard to get a hold of.


This is also called terne or terneplate and is one of the several soft metals treated with a coating of lead and tin. A properly installed tin roof can last up until half a century.


Increasingly becoming more and more popular over the past years simply because it requires little maintenance and resists corrosion. This type of metal roof also tends to reflect heat better than steel. Therefore, keeping a house cooler during the summer.

Galvanized Steel

If properly cared for, this type of metal roof material can last more than six decades. Galvanized steel is highly rust-resistant and since it is made of alloyed steel with a protective coating of zinc, you know it will withstand the test of time.

If you are residing in an area that receives heavy snowfall, the durability of metal roofs are just for you because they have slick and low-friction surfaces which can shed the white stuff quickly that it rarely has a chance to build up to weighty depths.

For houses with stovepipes and chimneys, metal roofs work great as it does not burn – a comforting thought when you live far from the nearest fire station.

Roof Types and Materials

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