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DIY Gutter Maintenance Tips You Should Know

March 30, 2020

DIY gutter maintenance is something that every homeowner should at least know. Especially since roofing companies are somewhat more expensive than doing it yourself. However, we still recommend going to a professional roofer in case you can’t handle it yourself. However, if it’s general gutter maintenance, you should be ready to get up there and keep things running smoothly. So we’ve put together a list of things you can do to make your gutter cleaning and maintenance go that little bit smoother.

Always Have The Right Tools For The Job

You always have to be prepared when you go up on your roof. This includes the tools you’re going to need to use. When it comes to maintaining your gutter, you’re going to need basic safety equipment that will make sure you come down safely and other tools that will help in the job you need to do. The things you’re going to need will vary depending on the job that needs to be done.

If you’re simply going on the roof to survey what needs to be done, then all you need are your safety equipment. If you need to clean your gutters, then you’re going to want to bring a hose, buckets and shoveling tools like trowels. So on and so forth. One thing to keep in mind as well, is that you should use the right tools for the job at hand and avoid using a wrench to do a screwdriver’s job.

Make Sure the Gutters are Secure

The biggest problem for many gutters is the fact that they can come loose at any given time. This can cause a number of accidents that can be a problem for both you as the homeowner and the person who got hit on the head by a loose gutter.

Make sure that when you do DIY gutter maintenance, you check the stability of the screws and nails holding it in place. If there are any loose screws or nails, ensure that they’re secured. You should also check if there are any heavy debris that could cause your gutter to come loose.

Remove Any Debris In Your Gutters

Gutter debris can come in many forms. They could be decomposing leaves that came from the nearby tree or even dead rodents and insects. You may even find stones and other heavy objects in your gutters.

These kinds of debris can cause a number of problems like weighing down your gutters and even becoming breeding grounds for harmful pests. Make sure that you remove these as soon as you can to avoid any problems in the future.

Pay Attention To Your Downspouts

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is something that many homeowners tend to do when they’re trying to maintain their gutters. What you can’t see can’t hurt you right? Wrong. Always make sure to check the hidden corners of your gutters as these could be hiding things that you would want to get rid of. Your downspouts come to mind as it can be difficult to see into it.Use a flashlight to check for debris lodged inside it and a hose to push the debris out.

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