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3 Ways to Find Hidden Leaks in Your Home or Business

July 17, 2020

How You Can Find Hidden Leaks In Your Roof

Hidden leaks in your roof are a major problem that you should be finding and fixing as soon as possible. However, they are called hidden for a reason and some may be incredibly difficult to find unless you use some techniques and strategies. We’ve listed these techniques and strategies below to ensure that you have a way to find and fix them before they cause major problems to your home or business.

1. Use A Hose and Douse The Roof Yourself

This tip may have you scratching your head but it is actually a really good way of locating any stray leaks that may be hiding in your roof. The reason why this works so well is because of how much more control you have on the flow of water rather than looking for the leak while it’s raining.

Bring up your hose to your roof and let water flow in one area where you suspect where the leak may be in. Have someone else in your home or business confirm if water doesn’t flow in, then it might be in another area of your roof. If water does start leaking in, then you’ve just found the leak. This technique gives you a great general idea of where the leak is.

2. Follow Water Stains

Another great way to find hidden leaks in your roof is to follow water stains. Sometimes the water that comes from leaks drips off to another area of your roof before dropping to the floor or into an area where you notice it. These offshoot drips and leaks can make it look like the leak is in one area but in reality, it’s in another several feet away from the drips. This is where water stains come in.

Water stains are created when the dirt in the water, the paint around the area or for other reasons discolors the area it flows into. It can be compared to a trail that you can follow right back to the main leak.

3. Look For Areas in Your Roof With Signs of Degradation

A big sign of the origins of a leak is seeing degraded areas in your roof. These can come in multiple forms like rotting wood, rusted wood or cracked concrete with stains. These signs show that the area has been encountering more degraders than the surrounding area. One of these big degraders is water that comes from leaks. So if you find an area that looks more worn out than the rest, then you may have found your leak.

If you’re starting to doubt that you’ll be able to find that leak, then you should start looking for alternative ways to find them. We hope that these tips and tricks for finding these hidden leaks help you in this regard.

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