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A Guide on Rain Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

August 8, 2018


Rain gutters serve as our roof’s drainage system. Its primary purpose is to provide a route for rainwater away from the roof and the house. These rain gutters are useful in preventing damage to the whole house.

Clogged gutters will bring potential harm not just to your roof but to your house as well.

Suspended waters can cause woods to rot and necessary repairs would cost a lot.

Before severe damages occur, we should see to it that our rain gutters are always healthy: clean and free from debris and other foreign objects.

Who Should Clean the Gutters

Hiring a cleaning service for your gutters can be a good option. They have enough experience in cleaning even in the hard-to-reach spots. However, if you really want to be hands-on with your household, then you can try cleaning the gutters on your own.

Take note, however, that you have to do this at least twice a year. Waiting for a long time before cleaning the gutters again can defeat the purpose of gutter maintenance.

When to Clean the Gutters

The best time to clean the gutters is during warm days, ideally before the rainy days come. The most commonly used method in cleaning the gutters is by using a leaf blower. Wear protective equipment when doing this. When on top of the roof, be mindful
of your safety above anything else.

In order to safely and effectively clean the rain gutters, you may want to have a steady ladder placed on a firm and level ground. Ask for help from someone when climbing up the ladders. Don’t climb up your roof when it’s slippery or when it’s a windy day.

When cleaning the gutters, you may be needing some other tools like plastic scoops, leaf catchers and gutter guards. Watch for obstructions in the drain pipes. You may try flushing the debris down with the help of a hose or by a plumber’s auger.

Roofing Tips and Maintenance

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