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How to Know If Your Home Needs Re-roofing

December 6, 2018


When your roof is already failing, you can either have a re-roof or a full roof replacement. In re-roofing, brand new shingles are laid over the existing ones. A full roof replacement, on the other hand, involves tearing off the entire roof down to the sheathing and installing completely new roofing.

Every homeowner has to deal with this situation at some point. That’s why it pays to be able to tell when your home needs re-roofing or a full roof replacement. The processes needed for roof repair and maintenance can be too complex to comprehend especially if haven’t dealt with it before.

We at Diversified Roofing strive to provide efficient and quality services and materials for all your roofing needs. We make sure you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that we will be there to service or repair your roof when you need it.

In this blog, we hope to guide you in deciding if a re-roof is your best bet for your home.

Re-roofing is generally less expensive compared to buying a completely new roof. However, do note that this option is not for all kinds of roof.

How do you know if you can do this on your roof?

  • You can do this if your roof is in overall good condition i.e., no leaks or water damage, no missing or bent shingles.
  • Re-roofing is only a one-time remediation option. Thus, it is only possible if your roof has a single existing layer.
  • Re-roofing is a viable option if you need to have the roof fixed as soon as possible because it’s relatively easy to be done.

However, you should also consider the possible setbacks of a re-roof.

Re-roofing can reduce the lifespan of new shingles by 20 to 40 percent. The old roof doesn’t make a good substrate for its uneven surface. Also, re-roofing can add weight to your roof so if the property is old, you should consider how it can affect its structure.

If you have more questions regarding your roof, feel free to send us a message or call us at (480) 359- 3161.

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