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Investigating Your Leaking Roof – Things You Need To Know

January 11, 2018

Homeowners will sometimes find themselves in a series of challenges once they find out that a roof leak is present in their humble abode. Of course, they always come when they least expect it to and it will lead to a great and serious damage inside their home and ruin the interior they worked hard for. And even if they paid a fair amount of money for repairing it, the effects of roof leaks stay on and can be seen visibly by the mold growth inside the home.

Determine Where the Leak is

One challenge that seems to be a trial for the homeowner is actually locating where the roof leak is. Determining the source is hard because more often than not, the roof leak outside does not really match to where it is visible inside the home. When this is true, it becomes especially hard to even attempt to fix the roof leak. How are you going to fix a problem when you don’t know its root cause?

Finding the source of the roof leak involves the process of elimination. You will have to figure out all the possible places where it could be from and then eventually you will find it. This is mainly because there are a lot of factors that could cause roof leaks and sometimes the causes are more than just one.

To start your investigation on the roof leak, it is best to understand that you really have to see the leak while it is happening. It is not just enough that you see traces of the leak like its remnants or stains. While, yes, the stains can help you trace back to where the original point of the leak is, it does not necessarily tell you the whole story of the leak.

In order for the homeowner to truly see the source of the leaking, one ideal thing for him to do is to trace the leak while there is rain or snow. If it does not rain a lot in your area, you might just have to do a water test on your roof surface. This can be done by using a garden hose and saturating the roof for a good amount of time until you can see the leak happening. With this technique, you will then be able to see where the leak is occurring inside your home.

Once you have located the leak, the next step should be locating the source of it. So how do you locate the source of the leak?

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