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The Main Causes of Roof Damages

August 4, 2017


There are countless reasons why a roof can get damaged. Most of the time, the type of roof that you have installed in your home can be the reason for the damage. If it is not durable enough to withstand problems or challenges that come its way, you may be in for some serious roof troubles. But regardless of what kind of roof you have, here is a list of the most common roof damage causes that most homeowners know to be true.

Forgetting to Maintain the Roof

This is one of the most important things a homeowner must do—regular checkups of your roof. Do not wait until you find serious and severe problems before you start acting on caring for your roof. Do a regular inspection for any problems that may be occurring—any visible problems that you see, you act on right away by doing immediate repairs. This is also very important if your roof has little or no slope at all. Once you make this a routine or habit, major problems will easily be prevented.

Wind Damages

Roofs are designed to withstand the wind loads of their surroundings or locations. But sometimes roofs cannot resist the wind, especially when it’s prolonged, strong, or just pure brutal. Wind can cause roofing materials to loosen, which could eventually fall off. Debris that is blown by the wind can also damage your roof if they make strong contact. Regularly check the roof deck if its insulation is attached securely.

Extreme Weather

Besides the wind, the weather in your area can also play a big part in damaging your roof. If snow is common in your area, you must make sure that the roof is strong and stable enough to support the weight of the snow. Large snow accumulations can also be prevented if you ensure that you have a proper slope on your roof so that the snow will properly slide off. Hailstorms are known to cause serious roof damages as well. If your area is prone to it, after every hailstorm, make sure you inspect your roof. Other factors that can help cause roof damages are pollutants, chemicals, rain and even the sun. All these things are out of our control but through regular inspection, we can prevent major damages.

Roofing Tips and Maintenance

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