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Re-Roofing or Roof Replacement: Which is Best?

September 13, 2019

What is Re-roofing?

This process involves going on to your roof and placing a new layer of shingles on top. Simply put, re-roofing is slapping a whole new layer of shingles on top of what you’ve already got. Re-roofing does come with its advantages over a full roof replacement.

Cheaper than a Replacement

Since you don’t need to tear off your roof before putting on a fresh layer of shingles, this process is understandably cheaper than a full replacement. The only supplies that will be needed will mostly be related to attaching the new shingles. A full roof replacement can be a hefty investment that not every homeowner is willing or able to afford.

Can be Finished Faster

Re-roofing and roof replacement have a similar end and steps to achieve that goal. However, re-roofing completely skips half of the steps a roof replacement needs to finish. This means that re-roofing can be finished twice as fast as a replacement and can be useful when it’s the monsoon or winter season.

Safer From the Weather

Speaking of the monsoon and winter season, a roof replacement will leave your home exposed to the elements while the roof is being put down. Re-roofing is particularly ideal during seasons that don’t permit long roofing projects. Re-roofing leaves a layer of your roof intact while a new layer is put down. This means that you and your home will be safer from the elements during a re-roofing when compared to a replacement. This is particularly useful when you need to urgently patch up your roof during these seasons.

What is a Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement involves removing your roof and having a brand new roof put down. This is a much more expensive alternative to re-roofing but it brings its own advantages to the table when it comes to keeping you high and dry just like a re-roofing.

Is a Long Term Solution

The purpose of a re-roofing purpose is to push a roof’s lifespan way beyond what it should be. This comes with the disadvantage of being able to only do this once without causing problems. The more times you try to re-roof a roof, the heavier your roof will get and eventually it will crumble under the pressure. A full roof replacement on the other hand is more sustainable solution. It can last you upwards of thirty or more years depending on how you maintain your roof.

Solves Problems Head On

Putting a new layer of shingles on your roof is similar to patching up a hole in your jeans with a new piece of cloth. It’s not going to last very long as the damage is still there and you’re eventually going to have to completely overhaul your roof after a while anyways. With a full roof replacement, your previous roof is completely tossed out and replaced with a problem free one.


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