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Red Flags to Watch Out for When Hiring Roofing Companies

November 15, 2018


In this time and age, it can be tricky to tell between a good contractor and a bad one. In some instances, you will be surprised how you can be dealing with people who don’t even belong to any registered company.

Having the final say on which roofing company to hire adds to the challenges every homeowner has to face. As a homeowner or project manager, you need to be careful in making this decision as it will determine if all the time, money and effort you are investing will be worth it. Also, ending up with a substandard roof puts the safety of your family or your employees and clients at risk.

We, at Diversified Roofing, want to help you avoid scam contractors as we have been called out previously to repair roofing jobs they have made. We know that working with rip-off contractors is a complete waste of resources.  Continue reading and learn of the red flags when choosing the roofing company to work with.

They Pressure Signing the Deal Immediately

Beware of contractors (or so they say) who push you to make a commitment even if you’re obviously not yet decided.

They Don’t Communicate Well

Reputable roofing companies understand fully how vital communication is in business. So, it is a big red flag when they don’t bother to communicate with you.

They Ask For Cash

Good roofing companies can offer flexible payment terms for their clients. If they insist to only accept cash payments, then you might want to consider hiring another roofing contractor.

They Have No References or Legitimate Portfolios to Show

A good roofing company must be proud of all their previous jobs and satisfied clients. Don’t go for a roofing company who does otherwise.

They Can’t Show You Their License or Insurance

Roofing contractors operating without a license and insurance for their staff are clearly violating the law. Get away from them immediately.

 Roofing projects can be intimidating, especially when it’s your first time handling one. Get all the help you need by hiring the most reputable roofing company in town.  Diversified Roofing has been one of Arizona’s leading roofing specialists since 1988! All our satisfied clients can tell how great we are at what we do. Call us now and see for yourself the kind of service we provide.

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