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How Your Roof Helps You Keep Your Cool

November 18, 2017

When you think about how a structure keeps one’s cool, the most typical thing that comes to mind is a/c. However, the very first genuine line of defense against the heat is a structure’s roofing. And a hot day in the life of a great roof must consist of launching– not saving and absorbing– the sun’s rays.

Think of it by doing this: If you’re sitting on a chair covered in black material and you go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, your chair will likely be warm when you get up– and it will remain warm till you return. If your chair is metal, clay, molded plastic or slate, for example, it may be slightly warm to the touch when you get up, however it will certainly be completely cooled by the time you return.

How do roofs keep you cool?

Conventional shingle roofing products hold and transfer heat in a similar method. Roof tiles made from felt-like materials overlaid with asphalt and tar will certainly hold heat, as well as transfer it downward into a structure, while other kinds of roofs will reflect light and heat upward and far from a building instead.

Roof materials and colors affect how buildings– and even entire cities– manage heating and cooling. Is it that simple?

Prior to getting hold of a ladder and a can of patio furniture paint and outside guide, see exactly what roof materials and strategies– from the traditional to the state-of-the-art– have actually proven to work well in warmer climates.

Roof Types and Materials

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