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Roof Inspection Safety Tips You Should Know

December 27, 2019

Roof inspection safety is something that every homeowner should be aware of. As the roof can be several floors above ground level, any accident can easily become fatal. With the right knowledge and tools, however, you’ll be able to easily conduct a roof inspection safely and effectively.

Have The Right Tools For Roof Inspection Safety

Using the right tools for a roof inspection is easy enough. But how about roof inspection safety? Sure these tools are optional, but one of them could easily just save you from a nasty fall from the roof. These tools make sure that you’re either firmly planted on the roof, safely get up to your roof or safely get off of your roof. These tools include:

  • Safety Boots. If you were to choose footwear with roof inspection safety in mind, you should choose shoes with rubber soles. Hiking boots or military boots come to mind here as these are made to provide unmatched traction on most surfaces. This is especially useful when your roof is slanting or it’s raining.
  • A Safety Harness. Slips can sometimes be unavoidable. So having a second line of defense from falling off of your roof is a good investment. One other thing is to make sure that the harness is attached to a stable anchor point. Because you could still end up on the ground, no matter how good your harness is if the anchor point comes loose during the slip.
  • A Stable Ladder. Ladders are what can get you to your roof in the first place unless you have roof access through your attic. Make sure that your ladder is free from any loose parts or rusting components as it could end up failing while you’re climbing up or down.

Never Work Alone During a Roof Inspection

This is one job where having friends matters. A companion is not a second set of hands helping you plug up that hole in the roof, but also another safety net. Having someone back you up in case something wrong happens can be a lifesaver. They can grab you in case you slip, make an already stable ladder even more stable by bracing it into the ground as you climb, and even call for help if something goes wrong. Having a friend just makes your roof inspections safer.

Avoid Inspections During Harsh Weather

It can be very tempting to go up on your roof during rain to seal up the leak that’s been dripping into your living room. However, many accidents happen during unstable weather. This is because not only is your visibility hampered, but your roof also becomes more slippery because of the rain. You could also get blown off of your roof because of strong winds or because of the debris flying around in strong winds. Regardless of the reason you want to go up on your roof in that weather, you should just wait out the storm and put a bucket under those leaks.

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