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Shingle Roofing Problems You Should Know About

April 20, 2020

The Major Problems Your Shingle Roofing Will Face

As we’ve said earlier, each roofing type is unique. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, but today we’ll be focusing on the weaknesses of shingle roofing. To help you figure out whether your shingles need some replacements or repairs, we’ve put together a few problems that it will have over the years.

Missing Shingles

Nothing is a bigger problem in shingle roofing than a few missing shingles. Think of these as a weak link in your roofing. It will be easier for rainwater to seep in through areas with missing shingles, causing annoying leaks that you’ll have to deal with. The main cause of this problem is either a lack of maintenance or strong weather that could blow shingles off of your roof.

Granules Coming Off of Shingles

You might be wondering what these granules on your shingles are. These granules are what makes sure that your shingles stay strong against the harsh rays of the sun and heavy rain. However, as time goes by, your roof’s shingles could end up losing their granules and will become more vulnerable as the years go by.

Curling, and Bending

Curling and bending roof shingles can be a major problem. However, the main difference from the other problems on this list is that it is a problem that can be caused by a manufacturing defect. It can also be caused by poor ventilation under the shingles. Curling and bending exposes your roof to leaks and they are a sign that some of your shingles could go missing.

Blisters and Cracks

Blisters and cracks might seem like something a teenager would have to deal with on their face, but it’s also a common problem when dealing with roofing shingles. This shingle roofing problem is mainly caused by two things. The first is that your shingles have started to age naturally and are at the end of their lifespan. The second is that the heat on the shingles has become too much to handle. This is especially true in hot areas like Arizona and Texas that can experience high amounts of heat.

What Can You Do?

Once you start seeing these problems on your roof, it’s a red flag that you can’t ignore. This is because if you ignore these problems, you would have to deal with a number of even more major problems that can only be fixed with a full roof replacement. So what can you do to make sure that you’re keeping your roof maintained? The best solution to this is to get a professional roofing contractor like Diversified Roofing to make sure that your roof is in peak condition. Contact us today for the best roofing services available!

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