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The 5 Signs That You Need a New Roof

March 16, 2020

The Signs You Need a New Roof

Keeping your roof in top condition is always a top priority. However, it isn’t easy finding all the signs that you need a new roof. So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of the things you need to check your roof for.

Wood In Your Roof is Moist and Soft

This is important to take note of whenever you inspect your roof. Water anywhere inside your roof is definitely a bad sign. However, an even worse sign is if the wood in your roof is moist and soft because of it. This is a sign that your roof is starting to grow weak and it could collapse at any time.

Mold and Dry Rot Are Present

Mold and dry rot are terrible fungi that anchor themselves into your roof. It’s roots will start to dig into the wood, slowly digging holes into it. If caught early enough, you won’t need to get it. But if it gets out of hand, then you could be in trouble. The worst part is that if you see a small bit of it on the surface, that only means that there’s more of it underneath.

Excessive Leaks and Holes

A few leaks and holes are normal for any roof. However, you can expect that as a roof ages and weakens, you’ll start to see more of these leaks and holes. They will slowly accelerate your roof’s aging as more water seeps in. At first you can easily patch up these leaks over the years, but eventually it will be far too much for your roof to handle.

Sinking Roof

You might notice one day that your roof is starting to sag and water is starting to pool on it. This is a clear sign that you need a new roof. This can be very dangerous if it is left alone as it’s a clear sign that the roof materials holding it up have crumpled and weakened. Accidents can also occur if left alone because a sagging roof is a sign that a roof is at its breaking point and could collapse at any moment.

Your Roof is Just Old

If your roof is simply old enough to be retired, then congratulations as you’ve taken care of it for over several decades. However, it may still need to be replaced as a roof that’s several decades old could have a few other problems underneath that you haven’t noticed. Sometimes it might even be too late to notice as it can collapse at any moment. Remember, the average lifespan of a roof is around twenty five years so make sure to consider a new roof when your roof is more or less around that age.

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