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The Anatomy of Commercial Flat Roofs

August 15, 2016

Have you ever wondered how your roofs are made? Yes, they may look like a single unit, but do you know that your roof is actually made up of different layers?

Here’s how a flat commercial roof is set up:


Anatomy of a Commercial Flat Roof

The most bottom part of the roof is called the structural deck. This layer provides support to the whole roofing system.

On top of it, you will find a thin layer called the Vapor Control layer. The main function of this layer is to help in avoiding moisture that builds up and to find its way to the insulation material.

The next layer is the Acceptable PIR Insulation. As the name implies, this is the insulating layer of the whole roofing system.

After the insulation layer, you can find the rubberbond adhesive which holds the top most layer called the Fleeceback Membrane.

Roof Types and Materials

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