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The Importance of Maintaining a Cool Commercial Roofing System

October 18, 2018


Temperature has a huge impact on almost everything. It affects what people wear, the activities we do, the places we go and even the type of roof we install in our properties. Proper management of facilities is vital for the success of any business. This is why commercial properties need to have cool roofs.

What is a cool roof?

-A cool roof is a type of roofing that provides a very high solar reflectance. It reflects the visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths radiated by the sun, minimizing the heat transfer to the building.

-It also has the ability to radiate absorbed solar energy.

-Before, cool roofs are all in light color shades for them to reflect heat rather than absorb it. Today, these roofs are also available in dark, rich hues.

Properties using roofs in dark colors absorb heat up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The following are the effects of increased temperature on your roof’s surface.

-It would reduce the comfort felt indoors.

-Because of the increased heat, higher cooling energy is consumed making your utility bills increase.

-With the increased heat, the roofing materials may deteriorate faster. This makes it very costly in the long run as you will also have to dispose roofing materials sooner or later.

-More problems could arise with increased heat such as the ventilation and isolation. It makes the roof susceptible to damage over time. You should expect increased maintenance and repair costs.

-Heat island effect intensifies, contributing to air pollution.

Find Out How Your Roof Helps You Keep Your Cool

Diversified roofing has partnered with the most trusted manufacturers who are on the cutting edge of design and product development. These manufacturers are committed to lasting quality and performance. Diversified Roofing’s commercial roofing systems are proven to be more durable and energy-efficient with the spray foam and cool roof coating systems. We also offer specialized cool roofing products that are able to reduce energy use, air pollution, improve human health and comfort and provide an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

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