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The Most Common Roof Problems You Should Fix Now

September 25, 2020

Common Roof Problems That You Should Know About

Every roof will eventually have problems that they have to deal with. No matter how well it is maintained it’s going to have issues. This is why you should always be ready to fix the most common problems as they can lead to bigger and more dangerous issues. And the best way to get started with finding and fixing these problems is knowing what to look out for.

Leaks and Holes In Your Roof

Leaks and holes are one of the biggest and most common problems that a roof can face. The reason why these are so common is because a lot of other problems cause it. Despite how common leaks and holes are, they can cause a serious amount of damage to your home and not just your roof.

Missing Pieces from Your Roof

Another common roof problem is bits and pieces of your roof completely missing. This is more common in shingle and tile roofs due to how the roofs are made of small interlocking pieces. These pieces can easily be dislodged and they will eventually fall off causing a large gap in your roof’s protection. It can have a domino effect as well, where other tiles or shingles will slowly get ripped off around the area of the first.

Pests Nesting and Damaging Your Roof From The Inside Out

One of the worst things to hear in your attic is the sound of something scurrying around in there. This is your first sign that you may have unwanted guests living in your attic. They’re a problem for your roof because of how they tend to create holes that they can use to freely move in and out of your home or business. This makes your roof weaker because of how the pests damage the structure of your roof while also creating openings for water.

Nearby Foliage Like Trees Causing Direct and Indirect Damage

Trees are great to have in your yard for a number of reasons. However, roof maintenance isn’t one of them. Trees can actually damage your roof in more ways than one. Heavier material like branches can cause direct damage to your roof by either scraping off pieces of it or by breaking your roof through a heavy impact. Lighter material like leaves, on the other hand, clog your gutters and downspouts. These clogs can cause water to pool on your roof while also being the perfect nesting ground for certain pests like mosquitos, termites and ants.


Knowing is your first step to making sure that your roof stays in top condition. Once you can identify an issue at first glance, you should have no problems repairing your roof back to peak condition!

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