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The Pros and Cons of Spray Foam Insulation

June 20, 2017

The cost of insulating a building or house with spray foam insulation may be higher than its competitors however, it pays itself with huge energy savings. The high cost of insulating pays itself with a reduction of about 50% in the energy bills. Energy efficient buildings and homes are valuable and since insulated homes require less HVAC equipment, this means savings in the purchase of equipment as well as lesser space needed as there are a few equipment to be accommodated.

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation have various advantages. It provides thermal comfort as well as the elimination of harmful emissions as the air is tightly sealed. There are savings in time and materials during its installation as the air-sealing and insulation are done at the same time, in just one step. Homeowners can choose to allow or prevent moisture to penetrate which sometimes depend on the design of the roofing assembly. Molds are not welcome at spray foam insulated roofs as it fills difficult to reach areas and cavities.

A building or home with spray foam insulated roofing does not sag over a long period of time nor can it be damaged by water. Since allergens and pollutants are prevented to get in the atmosphere of the house or building, the air quality is enhanced and maintained. An insulated building or home is soundproof so it reduces noise from the outside. One last but not the least advantage of having a spray foam insulated house or building is its environmental friendly aspect.

While spray foam insulated homes are energy efficient and comfortable, there is no guarantee that all homes will achieve this result. Most of these houses with insulation problems stem from installer problems.

Other Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

If the spray foam is not thick enough, it doesn’t fill all the cavities properly so when it happens, air can get in which results in a warmer atmosphere within the house or building and the noise from outside can be heard. Installers might have missed the cavities, the valleys and some of the air leakage areas that are prone to being damaged by water getting stuck up in there. When this happens, the air can get in and water can get in the house and damage the roofing and walls. Installers who are not that knowledgeable and experienced and don’t understand the building envelope may have sprayed too much or too little on it causing the insulation to be ineffective. Sometimes spray foam shrinks and pulls away from the framing.

Spray foam insulated homes have more advantages and as long as you choose to hire the best roof installers, there will be almost no problem and the insulation is going to be successful and give you and your family a comfortable home.

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