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Tips for Maintaining Your Residential Roof

July 19, 2019

Your roof protects you from the forces of nature and keeping it maintained is important to ensure that your home is protected day and night, rain or shine. Continue reading to find great ways to save you money in the long run by properly maintaining your roof.

Regularly Inspect Your Roof

You won’t know what to fix if you don’t know what’s broken. It’s best to check your roof for issues before they become a serious problem. Better to check your roof on a sunny Sunday morning than have to repair a gaping hole in your roof in the middle of a hurricane. Prevention is better than remedy.

To begin your inspection make sure that you are prepared to go up on your roof. Bring ample protection from the elements and make sure to wear shoes that will keep you firmly planted to the roof. Brace your ladder as firmly as possible to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Checking gives you an idea of how to maintain your residential roof. Make a schedule for regular roof inspections and inspect your roof after a storm. Check all parts of your roof which includes your gutters, roof area, edges, and drains. Specifically check former trouble spots on your roof. They are the best candidates for bigger issues to arise from, especially if it was a DIY job.

Seal off Leaks

One thing to look out for are leaks in your roof. Water is the enemy of most roofing and will lead to further problems like molds and algae growing on your insulation. If you find water stains, a musty odor in one of your highest rooms or attic, or bulged paint bubbles then you most likely have a leak somewhere.

A great way to find leaks is to use a hose test. One person needs to climb on the roof and spray water on the roof while one person stays indoors to check where the water will seep through. You can also do this in conjunction with regular roof cleaning to kill two birds with one stone.

Get Rid of Molds and Algae

Mold and algae are not only the problem of cooks and midnight snackers. They not only ruin good food but also ruin a good roof. Mold and algae slowly corrode shingles and destroy your insulation.

For roof maintenance, check your roof for dark patches or streaks on your roof and clumps of moss. To get rid of mold and algae, mix a gallon of water, ¼ quart of bleach and Trisodium Phosphate or detergent. Put the mixture in a sprayer and start spraying your roof to get rid of the algae. As for insulation, seal off any leaks that may be the cause of water getting into it and replace the patches of insulation that have been covered by algae.

Trim Trees and Clean Out Debris

Trimming nearby trees keeps your roof from having to endure branches scraping away at it and severely damaging your roof during stormy weather. Trimming also keeps leaves out of your gutters and off your roof.

Debris in your gutter and on your roof will cause them to deteriorate faster. The debris is mostly plant matter which holds water and allows algae and moss to grow on your roof so its best to clean it out as soon as possible.

Roofing Tips and Maintenance

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