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Top 5 Causes of Roof Leaks

May 15, 2018


When the roof starts to leak, more problems may appear and parts of the house may gradually deteriorate.  A roof leak is one of the least favorite topics when managing the house or the property. It can ruin insulation, cause the growth of molds, damage ceiling walls and probably rot the wooden framing.

We are naming here 5 of the top most common culprits in causing roof leaks for you to identify them easily and what action to take quickly.

#1 Aging

Materials used in roofing have their lifespan. The roof is exposed to temperature and weather changes which expands and contracts it enough to make them brittle. These long periods of exposure to harsh external conditions make the roofing materials age up and worn out.

When the roof finally shows signs of leaking, roof replacement should be considered.

#2 Flashing and Vent Boot

Those thin metal strips attached around the roof are what we call flashing. These should be tightly sealed to avoid water to leak in.

Vent boot, on the other hand, is similar to flashing but is made from rubber, plastic, metal or any combination. The vent boot slides over the plastic vent pipes sticking out from the roof alongside the flashing in making the junction of the roof and pipes to be waterproof.

#3 Cracked and Missing Shingles

 When there are bent, cracked or missing shingles on the roof, it is highly likely that rainwater will be leaking into the house. The bent, cracked or missing shingles must be replaced immediately. The replacement should be securely placed and nailed down tightly.

#4 Clogged Gutters

Water gets stuck on the roof when the gutters are jammed up with junk. The gutters should be regularly checked and cleaned especially during the rainy season. This can be done by the homeowner or by hiring somebody to de-clog those gutters.

#5 Roof holes

Roof holes may be caused by bad weather damage or by animals climbing up the roof. They may also be from misplaced roof nails or by a previously installed antenna. These roof holes can stay hidden for a long time until a general roof inspection.  The best way to fix this is by applying a small flashing under the shingle.

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