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Types of Hurricane Roof Damage You Should Know About

September 4, 2020

Hurricane Roof Damage You Should Expect

Hurricanes are a terrifying force of nature that can be difficult to deal with. And the most commonly damaged part of your home or business is always going to be the roof. Your roof is the most exposed and vulnerable part of your home when it comes to hurricanes. Your roof could be damaged in several distinct manners and it is important to know what to expect so you can fix hurricane roof damage as soon as possible. Some of these may even need a professional roofing contractor.

Cracks and Holes In Your Roof

Cracks and holes in your roof are something you’re likely to encounter regularly during the rainy season. They’re responsible for rainwater leaks in your home or business. However, they become a massive issue if your roof has one or more during a hurricane. Holes and cracks in your roof are weak points that could cause more than just a mildly irritating leak. A strong enough impact or simple prolonged exposure to the elements will make these cracks and holes expand and may be the cause of premature roof failure.

Missing Shingles, Tiles and Even Entire Roof Sections

One of the most common things to deal with during a strong hurricane is the winds it brings. Hurricane winds can reach up to 130 miles per hour. These winds are twice the speed limit on Interstate 10 between Chambers County and the Beaumont area. It is enough to rip off shingles, tiles, and entire roof sections if they aren’t properly secured.

Clogged or Damaged Gutters and Downspouts

Your roof isn’t the only thing that gets affected by the strong winds. Debris like leaves, lawn ornaments, and many more can be picked up by a strong enough draft. Debris like this can cause damage to your roof with direct impacts. However, a more insidious type of damage it can do is damage or clog your gutters and downspouts. Your gutters and downspouts ensure that water is diverted safely away from your home. However, damage to them can stop them from doing their job properly. They can even become a hazard if they become dislodged.

A Sinking Roof is One of The Most Dangerous of Hurricane Roof Damage

Heavy rain is one of the trademarks of a strong hurricane. Rain will cause a number of issues but none are as dangerous as a sinking roof. A sinking roof is a major hazard as it could mean that it will collapse at any second. A sinking roof is easy to identify and seeing it could mean that your roof is beyond salvaging. Usually, a full replacement is the only remedy for it. If this happens to you or someone you know, Diversified Roofing can help with a free roof replacement estimate. Hurricanes can be terrifying and your roof could come out worse for wear after one. But with the right preparation, you should have no problems dealing with the aftermath like a pro!

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