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Replacing Old Roof: How to Choose The Best Roofing Materials

When buying a new roof for your new house or totally replacing old roofing materials, remember that your options will include being familiar with the roofing materials, both the old types as well as the new ones in the market that you wouldn’t have probably thought existed. It is best to know all these options, learn more about what they can and cannot do, their pros and cons, benefits, features, and all the information that is relevant in buying your new roof. Among these old materials used for roofs are the wood shakes, slate, copper while other newer roofing materials are the asphalt-fiberglass and the newer products such as the concrete and plastic composites as well as the fiber cement.

Roofing materials that have withstood the test of time and are proven to be durable and long lasting are among the materials that you have to consider first. These materials are usually durable, easy to install, cost efficient, sustainable and have new features that cater to their customers’ needs.
All roofing materials have its own benefits and drawbacks so it is best to acquaint ourselves first with each of these options and based on the knowledge that we have learned and on our preferences, we can choose wisely from one of them.

Most homes replace their roof with the same kind of material. Though this may be the first option to use as the old roofing material has been in use for years, you still need to check on the features, pros and cons of the other materials and see if there is an improved version of your old roof and which of them has features that can address your roof’s needs.

You also need to consider the weather barrier. Which material can shelter your home completely and will be reliable in case of bad weather? Whether it is from the heat of the sun, or from strong rains and storms, your roofing material should be able to withstand them all so get something that has been proven to last for a long time.

The roof slope of your house is another thing to be considered. Houses have various designs and the roofing material will depend on the roof’s design. For steeper slopes in roof houses, the tiles, shingles and slate-like materials are good to use. Roofs that are low- or flat-pitched need to have seamless spray foam insulation otherwise the roof will leak when there is water that is accumulated on the surface.