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What Options Do You Have When Your Commercial Roof Warranty Expires

September 5, 2018

As business owners, it is good to have a fault-free roofing system. If your roof was properly installed, you may not face problems within its lifespan. But what if your roof has reached the warranty expiry? What actions would you take? Do you have to do something or do you just wait it out until you find damages?

To protect yourself and your building from costly repairs and faulty service and products, we keep roof warranties. The length of time indicated in your warranty is the guaranteed lifespan of your roof.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about the options you have when your roof warranty expires.

Ask for a roof warranty renewal.

Quality-wise, you will have to take the necessary steps in order to renew your warranty. After all, you can’t just ask to renew your warranty. Your roofing contractor must be able to assess your roof and do necessary repair to be able to issue a renewal of warranty.

Depending on the roofing system you have, you may have several options to renew your commercial roof warranty. You can either restore your roof to save money or you can just install a new roof.

If you want to restore your roof you can have Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM) directly sprayed on your existing roof.

If you are already having problems with your existing roof, however, it is highly recommended to install a new roof system. Restoring an already damaged roofing system can cost almost the same with getting a full roof replacement.

Learn How to Fix Damaged Commercial Roofing Systems.

Do nothing about it.

What happens if you don’t have a roof warranty? Not having a valid roof warranty will cause you enormous risks and frequent repair costs. Damaged roofing systems could potentially disrupt business operations and the costs in repairing or reroofing a severely damaged roofing system could go as high above your roof.

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