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Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement | What to Know  

April 1, 2021
When your roof is starting to show its age, it can quickly become a matter of repair vs. replace. At...

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Roofing Contractor

November 26, 2020
Roofing projects can be an expensive and time intensive experience that not everyone will be up to the task to do. Luckily there is a solution to your roofing woes: a professional roofing contractor.

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Types of Hurricane Roof Damage You Should Know About

September 4, 2020
The arrival of Hurricane Laura is a reminder that home and business owners should be prepared at all times. Lake Charles, Cameron, Beaumont and Port Arthur were especially affected by the strong winds and rain that Laura brought. This is why you should always know the most common types of hurricane roof damage so you know how to fix these problems before they become an even bigger issue.

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3 Ways to Find Hidden Leaks in Your Home or Business

July 17, 2020
One of the worst things that can happen to any roof is for it to be damaged and suddenly spring a leak. It can cost you a large sum of cash just to fix the roof especially if you don’t find these leaks immediately. These hidden leaks should be found as soon as possible to prevent this. But how, exactly do you find hidden leaks?

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The Best Roofing Contractor Qualities You Should Look For

July 10, 2020
Roof repairs and replacements aren’t always going to be easy. This is why we hire roofing contractors to handle the bigger and more difficult jobs. However, not every contractor will have the right roofing contractor qualities to be able to meet your needs.

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The Best Flat Roof Maintenance Tips

June 5, 2020
One of the most common roofing types in business is the flat roof. This is due to how much easier it is to install, maintain and replace. However, despite its easier maintenance, it can still face a number of problems if proper maintenance isn’t done.

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Why You Should Check a Roofing Contractor’s Credentials

May 8, 2020
Previously we’ve talked about roofing scams and how you should check your roofing contractor’s credentials to avoid getting scammed. This is because actions speak louder than words and their credentials and history give you a full story of how they operate. But how do you properly check their credentials so nothing goes under the radar?

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Why You Should Use Spray Foam Insulation

February 10, 2020
Insulation is something that every home should have. Whether it be in a hot area like Arizona or in colder areas, it helps manage your home’s temperature. It even helps keep your heating or cooling bills down. One of these options that you have for insulation is spray foam insulation. But why exactly should you be using this type of insulation?

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How A Professional Roofing Contractor Can Save You Money

January 6, 2020
Money is a big factor whenever you choose to get a new roof or repair your current one. But did you know that you can easily save several hundred dollars by just having a professional roofing contractor fix your roof for you?

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Roof Inspection Safety Tips You Should Know

December 27, 2019
Roof lifespans can range anywhere from several years to several decades. However, your roof will never reach its maximum lifespan if you don’t take the time to maintain it. One of the most important parts of maintenance is knowing exactly what the problem is. Can’t fix a problem that you don’t know exists. But you have to make sure that roof inspection safety is also something you should know.

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