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5 Roofing Problems Solved by Getting a New Roof

How can you tell if your roof is in good working condition? Does it need minor or major repairs? Or is it more practical to install a new roof?

Homeowners or property owners may find it overwhelming to decide whether it’s time to get a new roof or the existing roof just needs to be fixed. There are times when the need for a new roof is very obvious but most of the time, it is really hard to tell.

Here are some instances when getting a new roof makes much more sense. Continue reading

Residential Roofing: Types of Metal Roofing Materials

When one hears the term “metal roof”, it’s very likely that our thoughts hover around the idea of having a steel roof. While it is really one of the materials used for a lot of metal roofing systems, there’s actually other types of metal roof materials that you can use on your next roofing project. Continue reading

Residential Roofing: 9 Types of Roof Shingle Materials

Roofs play a vital role in the structure of our homes. More than giving protection, they also administer the feeling of wholeness and completeness – defining the overall look of the entire house. That’s why, whether you’re building a new roof or remodelling your old one, it’s important to know at least a little bit about the different kinds of roof shingle materials. Continue reading

What to Consider When Estimating the Cost of a New Roof

If you are planning to install a new roofing system for your property, cost is probably one of the things you will have to first look into. But since every roof and situation is different, the actual cost can also vary. And, unless you get your roof checked and inspected by a professional roofing company, the only thing you will be getting is a rough estimate of the total roofing project cost. Continue reading