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Do You Really Need a New Roof?

Your roof. Having one over your head is, perhaps, one of the most important (and sometimes exciting) aspects of our lives. However, it quickly becomes something we barely think of […]

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Know What Your Roof Wants To Tell You

As with other things, change is constant and roofing is not an exemption to that. Trends and characteristics of roof when you built your house a decade ago may not […]

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Learning How Your Roof Works

Your roof is not a mere piece of material. Rather, it involves various layers that work together in a uniformed system. Once you understand the basics of this system, you […]

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Spray Foams Insulation: An Overview

The most common type of spray foam insulation is the spray polyurethane foam, also commonly called the ‘SPF’ or ‘spray foam’. The SPF is a rigid foam plastic that is […]

How Your Roof Helps You Keep Your Cool

When you think about how a structure keeps one’s cool, the most typical thing that comes to mind is a/c. However the very first genuine line of defense against the […]